Environmental Center

Environmental Center

Safe Products, Safe Earth

World in Hands Current is committed to achieving environmental, health and safety (EHS) excellence. This is a responsibility shared by all employees in all functions.

Our programs must combine clear leadership and communication by management, the participation of all employees and the use of appropriate technology in developing and distributing Current products and services.


Environment We Live In

We care about the environment

Everything we do has an influence on the world around us.

At Current we do our best to ensure our work has only positive effects on the world, whether it is developing energy saving products, using environmental friendly materials or managing waste effectively. Meeting regulatory obligations is the minimum we can do. Our goal is to go beyond that.

Environment We Work In

Current's environmental, health and safety (EHS) vision is clear and simple. We must keep our workers safe on the job, ensure that we are good neighbors to the communities in which we do business by complying with environmental laws and regulations, addressing historical contamination issues cooperatively and completely, and incorporate this vision into our process and products.

Maintaining high environment, health and safety standards is more than simply a good business practice; it is a fundamental responsibility to our employees, customers, contractors and the environment we all share.

Current's commitment to EHS excellence starts at the top. EHS is an integral part of our integrity policy and every employee is responsible for driving EHS excellence. The Current EHS staff consists of a global footprint of EHS professionals that have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Current has developed a world-class set of EHS management systems that help the business deliver EHS excellence. Digitized, web-based compliance tools provide ownership and accountability, and give the business access to real-time EHS metrics. Employee Involvement in voluntary EHS programs is a key element of EHS success. Effective Customer Site EHS Management is critical to ensuring that our employees are safe, that projects schedules are maintained, and that customer requirements are met.

Current has a strong record of driving year-over year continuous improvement and delivering industry leading EHS performance metrics.